24 May How to drive down the cost of retargeting

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No matter how well your ads are performing, there are always ways to reduce your cost further. You can shave off 50% of that ineffectual ad spend with a simple 5 minute piece of work – and work your advertising spend harder.

If you’re using any of the below, then you should try this as soon as possible:
reduce your retargeting cost

Why should you try this

Retargeting/Remarketing (depending on what you call it, is magical.

5 minute retargeting hack

If a visitor comes to your site for ANY amount of time – they are “cookied” and then your wonderful advertising partner will charge you in return for your adverts appearing to that person again.

It’s one of the best ROI’s for advertising you can get.


Unfortunately the biggest strength in Remarketing is it’s biggest weakness

You are wasting a good proporition of your retargeting budget on people that will never buy from you

These people click on any advert ‘just to see what’s out there’

And if they don’t spend more than 25-30 seconds on your site, then it’s likely they aren’t really interested in what they saw.

Every time you retarget, a proportion of your budget is guaranteed to drain away.

retargeting wasted budget


If 50% of your visitors spend only 5 seconds your site (if you advertise on Facebook, you’ll experience this).

Then retargeting to these is most likely a waste of time.

How to save money on retargeting and maximise your sales

And the quick solution that takes 5 minutes to do this:

Install your conversion and tracking pixel so that it only fires after 25-30 seconds

This way any retargeting you do will be laser-targeted at those who engaged well with your content.

It’s easy to do using Google Tag Manager and it really can be done in just 5 minutes

1. Setup a google Tag Manager Account

google tag manager hack

2. Install the Google Tag Manger

Grab the code from Google Tag Manager and follow the instructions to put the code on your site.
google tag manager hack

(if you are using wordpress, add any plugin that allows you to customise your header or footer/ add tracking pixel code). For example, use Tracking Code Manager

3. Setting the timer to ‘fire the tag’

In the video below I show how to set the timer to fire after 28 seconds. This means anyone who has spent less than 28 seconds on the site, won’t be hit with our Facebook pixel. Additionally in the video I also set the pixel to only fire on pages which contain the word ‘Facebook’

4. Add your tracking code to the timer

This is easy to do and will take you a few seconds. Just make sure you choose the right trigger.

5. Click on “Publish” and count how much money you’ve saved.

publishing your tag

It’s all explained in this quick video

Please ensure you are completely happy doing this and are very careful you don’t lose any important site visit data. For example, if you are using Adwords to retarget, make sure you are only using this for the conversion code, not for your general analytics data.

In all likelihood, this will significantly reduce your marketing spend.

Now, take that money and pump into into your initial lead generation

You can generate significantly more leads that way.

FREE Facebook Hacks Course

13 Facebook Hacks that will drive down the cost and increase the quality of your lead generation
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