05 Jul How to halve the cost of your Facebook Advertising

What would you do if you halved the cost of your leads?Say a lead costs you $20, but you reduced that to $10 – would you pay yourself a little bit extra this month? or Put the saving back into lead generation and really scale…FAST.

If you had a budget for $1,000 per month – you’d get 50 extra leads each month, by doing nothing different at all – apart from spending 10 minutes more before you sign-off your ad.

Wouldn’t that make a pretty significant increase in your business in the next WEEK alone?

Now, before I tell you how to do this, it’s important to note:

I run many Facebook ads
Many, many ads.
Lots and lots of money on testing and experiments.
facebook spend

And sometimes it’s frustrating.

You’ll create several images – and the one that you said ‘This is DEFINITELY the one’ about, turns out to have the most expensive cost per click.

You’ll feel a little bit silly.

BUT – as long as you are tracking and understand where the bad money goes – you can increase your sales and leads.

Testing a failed experiment today – but doubling down on positive results – is the only way you can really improve your sales.

Click on the image below to watch the video on how to make multiple images in less than 5 minutes

facebook spend

If there’s one way to save money on Facebook, it’s by trying stuff until you have run out of things to try (and by that time, Facebook will have changed it’s algorithm, so you should try some more.)

Trying 200 things at one time is VERY hard to do consistently – so I don’t recommend you start with this approach, I mean having a Framework and following it.

Instead of trying 200 things at one go – try 4 different images on with text and check your results.

facebook test

Once you’ve got some preliminary results, try 4 more.

Check your results and iterate frequently.

It’s tough sometimes to create multiple ads (unless you watch my Canva Video I’ll be releasing soon)

But the more you create, the quicker you’ll get – and if do it like I do in the video, you’ll create even more, even quicker.

The most powerful changes

I’ve found that the most powerful changes to make are those combining a text overlay on the image.

Sure, the heading makes a difference
And the image makes a difference

But if you REALLY want to take it to the next level:
If you change BOTH the image AND a text overlay, you’ll find one of your new adverts should see significantly cheaper clicks than the other one.

Check out this example here

Facebook ads
Of the 5 images in front of you – you’ll see the top one has the highest cost per click at 0.211 – whilst the lowest cost per click belongs to a black and white advert with my face on it.

Now – the danger here is to say ‘oh, yeah it’s this way because of X,Y and Z’. It’s very dangerous to make generalisations from Ad results. Sure there are best practices to follow – but you’ll often find that the one that works the best ‘just does’.

Other things to notice:
Image 4 is the same as image 1, but with a black overlay and white text- at almost half the cost.
Images 2, 3 and 5 are very similar – but you’d get a lot more leads for every 10 pounds/dollars spent with image 5.


This doesn’t just relate to those in my industry
In a campaign aimed at Mum’s and kid’s parties- these adverts show the same trend:

Facebook ads

  • Ad 66 shows a CPC of 0.061
  • Ad 68 shows a CPC of 0.132

And this was just replacing one image with another.

I often use black and white because it means adverts stand out so much against Facebook’s blue & white and every other article you see on Facebook. I also try to think laterally – avoiding software screenshots but images that stand out – as far as possible using a human face in the ad or cartoon icons.


This doesn’t always work and you SHOULD try your own combinations.

The same style, same ad-text and a different image show another halving of the cost per click.

Half your cost of a click TODAY

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